Invest In Telco

The global telecom market is probably the fastest growing industry worldwide and is estimated to be worth in excess of £900 billion p.a. Within the UK this sector has proven extremely profitable and the market leader BT, is the country’s most profitable company.

Although deregulation has eroded BT’s share, dramatic market growth and opportunity has lead to increased profits. Because of BT’s historical dominant market position, OFTEL (Now known as OFCOM) (the UK regulatory body) has imposed a control on BT’s charges, while releasing the new competition to offer the most competitive tariffs possible.

The result has been that competing suppliers can now offer services and tariffs that significantly undercut BT, without compromising on quality or product innovation. Adding telecommunication network services to your portfolio of services is a valuable income streams from existing customers who have already subscribed to your services making the task of upselling relatively simple


TESCO – Provider of Mobile Phone Services
SAINSBURYS – Provider of Mobile Phone Services
VIRGIN- Provider of Voice, Mobile, Broadband & Cable TV Services
SSE PLC – Provider of Broadband Services
THE POST OFFICE – Provider of Voice & Broadband Services
JOHN LEWIS – Provider of Broadband Services
SKY – Provider of Voice, Mobile, Broadband & Satellite TV Services
RED BULL – Provider of Mobile Phone Services