Capital Telecom’s experienced project management team plan, organise and manage projects on your behalf. We don’t start any project without first detailing the process in writing. Even small projects. You still know when the project is due to start and finish, what the costs are, what the scope is, what constitutes a success, and who is responsible for its delivery.

Project Management
  • Projects managed by Capital on your behalf

  • Relocations, New Installations, Multi-site equipment upgrades

  • Reduced Risk

Project Delivery Overview
  • Start Up

  • Initiating your project

  • Planning

Dedicated Account Manager

Not only will you make substantial savings on your communications costs you will also have a Dedicated Account Manager who understands your objectives and will act as a partner not just a supplier

Simple Transfer of Services

The process of transferring your services to us is seamless. We can schedule, manage and track the progress of your order in real time and provide you with service updates and live dates

& Support

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by all aspects of our service. We provide a single point of contact to simplify the provision and support of your telecommunication services

Quality of

Our backbone circuit spans several UK sites and is based upon a multi-site resilient architecture using TELES core switching nodes, Resilient connections into 14 BT exchanges for inbound voice

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