What is The Big Switch Off in 2025?
In 2025 Openreach will be switching-off the digital and analogue network infrastructure which currently provides telecommunication services to millions of businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom. The impact of this change will be considerable so it is important to understand how this will affect you and your business. The project to switch off digital and analogue services is already in motion so you should consider your options at the earliest convenience. 75% of UK SME business have already adopted VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) or hybrid services and systems in preparation for the Big Switch Off in 2025.

How to Prepare for the Big Switch Off

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1. Ready

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2. Steady    

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3. Go

 With VoIP, all you have to do is plug in your new phones or download your app and voilà – you're ready to connect with anyone, anywhere.

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