Upgrade your online operation with our range of Internet Access Options

Internet Access is a fundamental service for business of all kinds, with almost all relying on it to communicate effectively, service customers and make sales.

Whether you need a reliable, cost effective service for home workers, a temporary service for  a new site or a dedicated connection for business critical communications, Capital Telecom has a variety of different bandwidth flavours to choose from, some with stringent Standards of Service to allow your business to thrive.

Fibre Broadband

Fibre Broadband provides high performance internet access for downloading, browsing and streaming data.
Delivered over a powerful fibre optic network. Depending on your location in the UK Capital Telecom provide different versions of Fibre Broadband and in some locations a telephone line will not be required* 

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
Fibre to Premises (FTTP)
SOGEA  (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)*

Leased Lines

We provide a portfolio of leased lines ranging from 100MB to 1GB. Leased lines are a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection. If your business is data-hungry and requires a robust, high-quality internet connection with guaranteed upload and download speeds, uptime and reliability then subscription to a leased line would be a superior consideration to traditional Fibre Broadband. Our leased lines are typically offered with free installation, routing equipment and a service level agreement.

Smart Connectivity

Our Smart Connectivity solutions make quick connectivity a reality.
Set up and ready to connect within minutes of installation.
Smart Connectivity provides a reliable connection with a strong signal and high levels of coverage.
Smart Connectivity is delivered using a SmartHub
Wi-Fi router powered by a Vodafone data sim.
Simple Plug-and-Play install yourself or by a professional for more complex situations.
Smart Connectivity solutions are ideal for:
Construction Sites
Temporary & New Offices
Retail & Pop-Up Stores
Hospitality Events & Exhibitions

Basic Broadband

ADSL2+ is an entry level broadband service which does not deliver the same levels of performance a compared to a Fibre connection or Leased Line.

So if your business needs a broadband connection where speed and bandwidth requirements are not critical factors then our flavour of ADSL products can be provided by design to ensure you receive a sufficient level of bandwidth at a reasonable price.

Our ADSL bandwidth ranges from 8MB to 24MB

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